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Fresh Greek pomegranates


We provide select top quality pomegranates from October to April. Our pomegranates are of the ‘Wonderful’ variety, they are farmed in Greece with special care provided by ASOP’s pomegranate farmers throughout Greece. The ‘Wonderful’ variety is the most popular variety in the world and consists of large sweet and sour fruits.

Besides the whole pomegranate fruits, we also offer pomegranate seeds following a special de-seeding and peeling process.

They are available in consumer and professional packages.

Freshly squeezed Greek juices

βραβευμενος ελληνικος χυμος ροδι

Freshly squeezed ‘Rodi’ pomegranate juice is produced from 100% Greek ‘Wonderful’ pomegranates from the ASOP group's farms.

The pomegranates are collected and transported to our facilities where we juice and bottle them, having removed the skin using clear juice technology. This way, the juice is especially tasty, requiring no additives or sugar to get rid of the bitter taste of the peel. ‘Rodi’ juice is poured into glass food-certified bottles, with no dilution, concentrates, or preservatives, pure just as in nature, preserving all its vitamins and nutrients unchanged, and, most importantly, retaining its wonderful taste!

Winner at the Superior Taste Awards – iTQi Brussels by the International Taste Institute in Brussels, which is worth getting a taste of.

‘Rodi’ juice is available as an organic juice and in 3 wonderful combinations:

  • Pomegranate and Aronia
  • Pomegranate and Aloe Vera
  • Pomegranate and Blueberry


  • 100% Organic Rodi pomegranate juice.
χυμος ροδι με μυρτιλο
χυμος ροδι με αλοη
χυμος ροδι με αρωνια


μαρμελαδα ροδι

Enjoy ASOP’s new line of jams that are based on recipes with the addition of pomegranates from our farms.

μαρμελάδα ρόδι
μαρμελαδα ροδι αρωνια
marmelada rodi aronia