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Our Facilities

η ιστορια του ροδιου

In our privately owned area in the Municipal District of Agios Athanasios in Drama, in 2012 we built the first Greek vertically integrated model pomegranate processing unit, where we installed modern selection and pre-processing machinery, peeling equipment that uses the de-seeding method which provides us with the “jewels” of the fruit intact pomegranate seed packages in containers of 200-2000 grams,  a juicing unit with clear juice technology, which means that our juice is produced from the pomegranate seeds only, using high tech machinery to remove the external and internal peel of the fruit, refrigeration and storage spaces with high hygiene and safety standards, supplying to Greek and global market with fresh pomegranates, pomegranate seeds, a line of pomegranate products, and ASOP’s Greek 100% natural pomegranate juice!


προστασία περιβάλλοντος

We continuously invest in research, the utilisation of technological developments, and the development of new high added value products. In cooperation with the Centre for Research & Technology Hellas, and using pioneering methods, we utilise the solid waste from pomegranates for the production of fuel, briquettes, and environmentally friendly beauty products, leading the way in the overall utilisation of farm product waste.

Here at the ASOP family, this is how we comprehend and put into practice Green development, producing environmentally friendly products, reducing pollution, substituting imports with modern product exports, and contributing to real and sustainable growth.

Quality - Certifications

ποιότητα ροδιού
  • Cultivation of 1000 hectares throughout Greece with Global G.A.B. certification – integrated management farming.
  • ISO22000:2005 certification for the application of a food safety management system.
  • Green Control certification for the production of organic juice.
  • Kosher certification
  • Organic farming and production certification
  • FDA-USA product quality assurance Food & Drug Administration

Why you should join our team


If you are a cultivator interested in long-term rational investment, join the largest pomegranate farming group in Greece. Join ASOP.

  • An area of at least 1 hectare is required and the cultivation will produce high returns within 3 to 4 years.
  • Pomegranates are resilient trees, they do not require much fertiliser or a lot of work. However, it requires systematic work.
  • The cost of cultivating pomegranate trees through ASOP is much cheaper and includes:
    • Exceptional quality certified saplings with high fruit production at various sizes and ages
    • Complete irrigation set-up
    • Participation in the supply of rain and hail protection equipment
    • Applied know-how in pomegranate cultivation.
    • Organic farming – Integrated management Certification cost covered by ASOP
    • Agriculturist support
    • Crates – Pallet boxes for harvesting
    • Further privileges, such as the I-FOR card as a reward for sustainable efforts
    • Insurance coverage
    • Discounts in farming equipment and materials
    • Special discounts in ASOP consumer products
    • Useful consultation services
  • ASOP will absorb your entire production in your first year at predetermined market prices for Class 1 and 2 pomegranates

Our News

biopom invitation

BioPom Invitation


Top prize for ASOP’s Greek Pomegranate!

ASOP-Greek Pomegranate received the GOLD PRIZE at the top Greek export awards event,

the Greek Exports Awards.

The Greek Export Awards are co-organised by the Association of Diplomatic Employees for Economic & Trade Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ethos Media, aiming at highlighting-rewarding the people, ideas, and collaborations of the top exporting businesses in Greece.

ASOP-Greek Pomegranate received the GOLD PRIZE in the TOP BRANDED EXPORT PRODUCT category.

The final assessment-awarding of the gold prize to ASOP’s 100% fresh pomegranate juices (organic & conventional) was jointly decided: 40% originated from a vote by consumers throughout Greece (15,750 people participated in the vote) and 60% came from the judges panel, which included top players in Greece's financial, business, chamber, and scientific communities.

At the award ceremony held on 22 November in Athens, the central speaker was deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in charge of Economic Diplomacy and Openness Mr Kostas Fragogiannis.

ASOP’s distinction was the result of the long-term investment and presence of ASOP in the vertical integration of the primary sector in modern cultivations, such as pomegranates, which produce high added value and high nutritional value.

ASOP’s products can be found on shop shelves in 16 countries.

ASOP sees this top distinction as an added responsibility in representing Greek Pomegranates in the domestic and foreign markets, with non-negotiable quality, focusing on keeping the product completely natural, and ensuring absolute quality in ASOP’s pomegranate juices.